Manufacturer Description Price
Todds Red Dollars $.82
Todds Black Jellies $.82
Todds Black Licorice Bites $.82
Todds Black Twists $.82
Todds Butterscotch Wafers $.82
Todds Candy Rolls $.82
Todds Cherry Jellies $.82
Todds Chocolate Twists $.82
Todds Cinnamon Bears $.82
Todds Coconut Bon Bons $.82
Todds Frosted Jells $.82
Todds Fruit Runts $.82
Todds Fruit Sparkles $.82
Todds Giant Jellies $.82
Todds Good & Plenty $.82
Todds Jelly Rings $.82
Todds Jersey Cherries $.82
Todds Jube Jollies $.82
Todds Kraft Vanilla Caramels


Todds Orange Slices $.82
Todds Pixy Sticks $.82
Todds Red Licorice Bites $.82
Todds Red Twists $.82
Todds Sombreros $.82
Todds Sour Balls $.82
Todds Spearmint Leaves $.82
Todds Spice Drops $.82
Todds Starlight Mints $.82
Todds Watermelon Sparkles $.82
Todds Wintergreen Lozenges $.82
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