Manufacturer Description Price
Nabisco Gummisaver Crystal bag $1.12
Nabisco Gummisaver Five Flavor bag $1.12
Nabisco Gummisaver Tangy Fruit bag $1.12
Nabisco Gummisaver Wacky Frootz $1.12
Todds Bulls Eyes $1.12
Todds Buttermints $1.12
Todds Chocolate Pretzels $1.12
Todds French Burnt Peanuts $1.12
Todds Frooties Assorted $1.12
Todds Jelly Mints $1.12
Todds Peach Rings $1.12
Todds Peanut Butter Logs $1.12
Todds Rainbow Mints $1.12
Todds Swedish Red Laces $1.12
Todds Tootsie Rolls $1.12
Todds Strawberry Puffs $1.12
Todds Marshmallow Peanuts $1.12
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