ANDERSON'S Fruits, Nuts,& Chewies 1#
ANDERSON'S Chocolate Pretzels 1#
ANDERSON'S All Nut Chocolates 14oz.
ANDERSON'S All Nut Chocolates 28oz.
ANDERSON'S Deluxe Asst Chocolates 1#
ANDERSON'S Deluxe Asst Chocolates 2#
ANDERSON'S Deluxe Milk&Dark Asst 1#
ANDERSON'S Chocolate Cherries 1#
ANDERSON'S Deluxe Gourmet Chocolates 8 oz
ANDERSON'S All Nut DARK Chocolates1#
ANDERSON'S Pecan Treats 1#
BRACH'S Christmas Nougats 5#Bulk
CHARMS Sugar Babies 5oz.box
CHARMS Andes Pep.Crunch 9.5oz.bag
CHARMS Andes Holiday 9.5oz.bag
CHARMS Blow Pops Minis Pouch 12ctXmas
CONCORD Dubble Bubble Xmas carton 4.5
CONCORD Dubble Bubble Bank
CONCORD Cry Baby Bank
FOREIGN Claus & Co.Lollipops 24ct.
FOREIGN Twisted Twirl Pops Christmas
FOREIGN Candy'n Canes 6pk Christmas
HERSHEY Kisses Christmas 18oz.big bag
HERSHEY Kisses Christmas 11 oz.
HERSHEY Reese Mini.Xmas 18oz.big bag
HERSHEY Hershey-et Cane
HERSHEY Reese Trees 36 ct.
HERSHEY Candy Canes ChocMint 12ct.
HERSHEY Milk Chocolate Santa 6pack
HERSHEY Milk Chocolate Santa 36ct
HERSHEY Cookies'n Creme Santas 10oz.
HERSHEY York Mint Snowflake 36ct.
HERSHEY Reese Miniat.Xmas bulk 5#
HERSHEY Kisses Dark Choc. 11oz.
HERSHEY Santa Snacks 23oz./40pcs.
HERSHEY Kit Kat Christmas 36ct
HERSHEY Kisses Candy Cane 10oz.
HERSHEY Reese Trees King 24ct.
HERSHEY Kiss box 1.45oz.
HERSHEY Milk Chocolate 5 POUND BAR $36.00
HERSHEY Milk Chocolate Santa King Size
HERSHEY Jolly Rancher Giant Cane $1.00
HERSHEY Miniatures Xmas Asstmt 21oz.
HERSHEY Cadbury Christmas 10oz.bag
HERSHEY Kit Kat Christmas 6-pack
HERSHEY Reese Trees 10oz. bag
HERSHEY Reese 1# Giant Bar
HERSHEY Kiss Santa Hat 1.45oz.
HERSHEY/LEAF Jolly Rancher Canes 12ct.
HERSHEY/LEAF Whoppers Xmas cartons 15ct.
HERSHEY/LEAF Sno Balls Xmas cartons 15ct.
HILCO Puzzle Pack Christmas 12ct.
HILCO Barbie Stocking
HILCO Cozy Stocking Animal Planet
HUMPHREYS Popcorn Balls Humphrey100ct.
PEZ CANDY Pez Christmas Dispenser 12ct.
PEZ CANDY Pez Holiday Cane
PRIMROSE Chocolate Filled Straws 25#bulk

REDSTONE Redstone Premier 7oz.
REDSTONE Redstone Premier 1 lb.
REDSTONE Redstone Premier 2 lb.
REDSTONE Redstone Almonds 1lb.
REDSTONE Redstone Cashews 1lb.

SPANGLER Candy Canes 12ct.Spangler $1.49
SPANGLER Candy Canes Cherry 18ct. $1.99
SPANGLER Candy Canes mini 240ct.
SPANGLER Candy Canes mini 500ct. $18.00
SPANGLER Candy Canes Cinnabon 12ct.
SPANGLER Candy Canes Mini 70 ct.
SPANGLER Candy Canes Shrek 12ct.
SPANGLER Candy Canes JB Assrtd.12ct.
SPANGLER Candy Canes Dum Dum 12ct.
SPANGLER Candy Cane Wreaths 24ct.
SPANGLER Candy Canes Smarties12ct.
TODDS All Filled Candy Tie Top
TODDS All Hard Candy Tie Top
TODDS Christmas Jellies
TODDS Christmas Foil Bells
TODDS Christmas Foil Balls
TODDS Holiday Gummies
TODDS Cut Rock Candy
TODDS All Filled Christmas Candy
TODDS All Hard Christmas Candy
TODDS Christmas Spice Tie Top
TODDS Christmas Wreaths Tie Top
TOOTSIE ROLL Candy Cane Tootsie Pop 19.8oz.
TOOTSIE ROLL Candy Cane Tootsie Pop9.6oz.
TOOTSIE ROLL Cella's Cherries Dark 8oz.
TOOTSIE ROLL Pop Drops Candy Cane box
TOOTSIE ROLL Dots Christmas 7oz.
TOOTSIE ROLL Junior Mints Christmas 4oz.box
TOOTSIE ROLL Tootsie Pop Drops 3.5oz Box
TOOTSIE ROLL Tootsie Midgies 12oz.Xmas
TOOTSIE ROLL Tootsie Pops Mini 14.4oz. 80ct
TOOTSIE ROLL Tootsie Mega Mix 24.6oz Xmas
TOOTSIE ROLL Child's Play 24.6oz Xmas
TOOTSIE ROLL Dots Mini Boxes 25oz.bag Xmas
WASHBURN Ribbon Candy 7oz.box









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